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Αδημοσίευτες ενσφράγιστες λαβές χιακών αμφορέων του Μουσείου της Χίου


Περίληψη Άρθρου:

Gely Fragou, Unpublished stamped Chian amphora handles, stored in the archaeological museum of Chios

So far there has been no systematic and comprehensive publication of stamped amphora handles from the island of Chios. As is the case with all production centers, Chian handles and stamps bear particular characteristics related to shape, position, colour and type of clay. The most characteristic is the stamp of a single name in the genitive. It seems that the typology of the amphorae vessels themselves could provide information about the origin of the transported product.

It is suggested in the article that the study of the names on the handles shows that they belonged to archons who were responsible for the export of goods, and especially of wine and olive oil carried in the vessels.    

In this article eight stamped amphora handles are presented from the collection of A. Stefanou, who salvaged - among many other antiquities – a large number of stamped handles that originate from ceramic workshops of the city of Chios. The names presented here are those that are less common in Chian onomastics. All of them have all the typical characteristics of Chian stamped amphora handles; shape of the stamp, recorded name and type of clay. Almost all amphora handles bear coating on their surface, their dimensions differ slightly in size, as well as the dimensions of the stamps and letters. All are dated to the Hellenistic period.


Αδημοσίευτες ενσφράγιστες λαβές χιακών αμφορέων του Μουσείου της Χίου - PDF
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