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Δύο τιμητικές επιγραφές υπέρ ρωμαίων ἀξιωματούχων  από την Αθήνα


Περίληψη Άρθρου:

Ν. Papazarkadas, Two Attic inscriptions in honor of Roman dignitaries

Two Roman Imperial inscribed monuments found in recent rescue excavations in the area of Plaka at Athens are the subject of this article. The first, ΠΛ. 2022, was found in 2001 at 6 Poikiles Street. It is a fragmentary tripartite epistyle bearing an honorific inscription for a certain Rufus. The author tentatively probes two prosopographical identifications for the honorand: he could be either the proconsul Metilius Rufus (first half of the 1st cent. A.D.), or the Roman knight Q. Trebellius Rufus who was bestowed Athenian citizenship and even held the office of the eponymous archon in AD 91/2. The second text is a set of honors inscribed on a fragmentary statue base, ΠΛ 2001, for an unknown imperial procurator (ἐπίτροπος). It was found in the building plot of Taxiarchon and Dexippou streets, roughly in the area between the Library of Hadrian and the Roman Agora. Interestingly, the Roman official in question had served both under Hadrian, here refered to as a god, and under Antoninus Pius. This rarity allows the author to tentatively connect the monument with the construction of the well-known Roman Imperial aqueduct, a work started by Hadrian and completed by his successor Antoninus Pius, as famously known from the Latin inscription CIL 549. 


Δύο τιμητικές επιγραφές υπέρ ρωμαίων ἀξιωματούχων  από την Αθήνα  - PDF
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